The gorgeous island from Lombok for Indonesia might not be as hugely popular as the much hyped neighbor Bali, yet it is straightforward and as worth exploration as any other travelling destination. Especially for the most dedicated travelers, an excellent, satisfying travel around experience does not only signify exploring the most popular places there ever is usually on the planet. In addition, it means crossing the less popular types for its individual rewards other than popularity, one of the possible rewards being that not as much known locations may in reality offer a extra unspoiled natural beauty, which, in the end, is one of the amazing goals of traveling around different locations away from home. On this note, your Lombok concert tours package will certainly be a great option, both to its unspoiled natural charm and as much as for it has the affordability.

The following are some destinations that makes this destination a good investment of one's travel time and solutions:

Mt. Rinjani National Recreation area

Mt. Rinjani National Playground is a sprawling 41, 330 hectares (159. 6 square miles) in nature reserve and water catchment spot and comes with an additional sixty six, 000 hectares (250 main square miles) from adjacent secured forests. Mt. Rinjani in general is the second highest high in Dalam negri, and is increasingly becoming popular among trekkers and huge batch climbers. People consider the mountain while sacred, and its Saganak crater is the place for pilgrimage of thousands and thousands who think that making an offering inside the waters and bathing from the hot spring and coil can cure health problems.

The Memo Islands

Popular among tourists exactly who are Lombok Tour after a remote island experience, the Gili islands comprises of three coral reefs islands made naturally excellent and awe-inspiring by white sands sprinkled with unsteadiness pine trees.


Sekotong is a place of stunning beauty, dotted that you write in the cue section with lightly rolling hillsides and tiny rural villages sheltered within green miles. On the proper side is definitely the ocean stretch, which portray the area an attractive blue tone in the sun rays. In between Sekotong and Taun township sprawls a majestic arc from white sand and turquoise marine environments.

Senggigi Seaside and Resort

Known as Lombok's most established tourist region, Senggigi is home to facilities and conveniences including bars, coffee shops, bookstores, discotheques, and restaurants, many of which are located on the main beach road.

Kuta Beach

The south shoreline of Lombok is known as Kuta. Kuta boasts of a fabulous gulf that is seen as a white sand, superior waters, and excellent surfing waves. Kuta is less active than other portions of Lombok, making it perfect for some quiet holiday break.